Kutsutakse osalema uuringus, uuring on inglisekeelne.

The Science and Technology Impact Assessment Panel of the European Parliament (STOA) has commissioned a foresight study on Assistive Technologies for the inclusion of people with disabilities in society, education and jobs.


As part of this study, we are conducting a European-wide online survey involving persons who are blind and visually impaired, deaf and hard of hearing, and people with autistic spectrum disorders. This survey aims to provide participants with an opportunity to share their experiences and opinions about assistive technologies with researchers and policy-makers who are engaged with framing the guidelines and regulations for these technologies. The participation of people with disabilities in this survey supports that such technologies are tailored to the needs of people who use them.


As a national association of central importance we would like to ask you for your support in the survey. We would be very grateful if you could circulate the survey to other relevant organisations in your country, and by directly distributing the questionnaire as widely as possible to affected persons for completion before 31st July. We include below the links to the online questionnaire and further details on our project.


Link to online survey questionnaire: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/GSMSNV6

Link to further details on the project: http://www.oeaw.ac.at/ita/en/projects/innovation-for-inclusion/overview/


With kindest regards and many thanks in advance for your support of our study

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